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300/t EXW  
Wholesale price
from €300/t
Бирук В.В., SP, UA
Producer of birch wood flour. I make 100 tons of different fractions per month. I am in Ukraine. Price in Ukraine 300 euros per...
Ethylene chlorohydrin - 2-Chloroethanol
2,000/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Волгатрансхим, LLC, RU
Ethylene chlorohydrin - 2-Chloroethanol is an organochlorine compound with the formula HOSH2 – CH2Cl. used in the preparation of ethylene glycol...
Conveyor Belt Fasteners K27, K28
Price on request
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
For use in surface and underground mining, staples penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They ensure high...
Sell flannel
Wholesale price
БелАвтоРим, PUE, BY
We offer flannel light unbleached (density 147g) width 305-320 cm flannel dense unbleached ( density 167g) width 172 cm..
Price on request
Витапак, LLC, BY +1 ad
Vitapack company produces and offers supply of wood charcoal made from softwood (pine, aspen) and hardwood (oak, hornbeam, birch). Production...
Condensed Milk ProductionLine
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +8 ads
We offer technology of production of condensed milk method recovery of powdered milk and mixing with sugar for creating a supersaturated solution...
Austria Origin Redbulle Energy Drink 250 ml
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +22 ads
Wir sind eines der besten Handelsunternehmen, das in den Vertrieb von Soft Drinks, alkoholischen, Süßwaren aller Art Produkt: Redbulle Energy...
Schneckenverdichter KDM-360
Price on request
Экополимер, PE, UA +1 ad
KDM-360 hat eine Kapazität von ca. 200 kg pro Stunde und kann manuell oder mit einem Förderband eingefüllt werden. Es wird für ein jährliches...
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
30/m EXW  
Wholesale price
from €28/m
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy...
Holzteer. Goudron de pin. Pine tar.
Price on request
Витапак, LLC, BY +1 ad
Vitapack company offers longterm supply of pine tar (Goudron de pin). Wood resin is packed in 1m3 plastic barrels. We can use other variants of...
Creaming honey machine
Price on request
Normit food, S.R.O., SK +8 ads
The Normit CH plants are a universal high-performance system, which, thanks to its modular design and a wide range of options, can be used for...
Natural black caviar of Siberian sturgeon
Wholesale price
€640-600/kg CPT
Бестер, PE, UA +1 ad
Natural black caviar of Siberian sturgeon. Premium. Not pasteurized. Certificates of the EU, USA. Packing Zhb. of...
Peat moss for landscaping
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +3 ads
Sphagnum peat moss from Russia for agricultural industry and landscape design. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for...
Peat moss for green houses
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +3 ads
Peat moss are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery)...
1.92/kg CPT  
Wholesale price
from €1.92/kg
IVI Group, OÜ, EE +10 ads
Goose parents with giblets grade A – packed 2-4 pieces in carton – different weights from range 2600g and 7600g – price 2,60 EUR/kg. Goose liver...
Hydraulic press Moldmatik-450 with sliding table
Price on request
ДМЗ, LLC, UA +4 ads
Press 1980 year, complete, force 450t. Location:Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region. Technical details: force of closure 450t opening force 80t max...
We sell firewood natural moisture and dry
Price on request
EcoFirewood, PE, UA
Manufacturing company sells chopped firewood chamber and natural drying. Firewood species: hornbeam, ash, oak (L-25 cm., D-8-16 cm.). We pack in...
Pallets collars
Price on request
Рбкпал, LLC, BY +1 ad
New pallets collars 1200x800x200 1st grade from one planed Board. We produce collars of different grades and sizes.
Softwood lumber (natural moisture).
Price on request
Вудкрафт, LLC, BY +5 ads
Woodcraft llc (Belarus) offers softwood lumber (natural moisture). We produce: - Board for garden (Fencing and garden elements) - Building board...
209/t CIP  
Wholesale price
Banis, SP, GE
Pellets aus Russland
End Grain Butcher Block Countertops
Wholesale price
from €15/pc
Кадук Р., SP, UA +1 ad
End Grain Butcher Block Countertops.
Cooperation: supply of material from the Siberian cedar. lar
200/cu m DDP
Группа Компаний РесурсСибири, LLC, RU
Good afternoon! Proposed cooperation: supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larch We offer regular supplies of timber for further...
İPM -500 Shotcrete Machıne wet/dry
13,000/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Denmak makina, AS, TR
Ipm 500 is a very sturdily constructed two axle concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix. The machine is suitable for manual...
IPad mini covers
Wholesale price
from €49/pc FCA
Кадук Р., SP, UA +1 ad
We offer high quality wooden iPad mini covers. Ipad mini covers can be made out of oak or walnut.
Textilen verkauf
1/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Ayal Group Tekstil San ve Tic, AS, TR +2 ads
Produktion von Heimtextilen und Hoteltextilien so wie fertige Frottier, Velours, und Waffelprodukte (Badetuch, Handtücher fuer Gesicht, Füße,...
RUF Hartholz
Wholesale price
€100-120/t EXW
Holz Market, LLC, UA +2 ads
Rohmaterial: Saubere Laubhölzer (Buche, Eiche) und Sägemehl, keine Bindemittel oder Zusätze. Beschreibung: Die quaderförmigen Briketts besitzen...
Wholesale price
€1,300-2,700/cu m EXW
ВудХаус, LLC, RU +1 ad
We sell furniture panel oak 20 (40) h620x900 ... 3000, grade A / B, solid-molded and spliced. It is possible to manufacture the shield under the...
Terry Towels / Hotel Towels
4/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Ayal Group Tekstil San ve Tic, AS, TR +2 ads
Terry towels. Hotel Towels. 100% cotton. Different colors, quality, size. The dimensions are 30 * 50/ 50 * 90 / 70 * 140 / 90 * 150 and...
Panel print bed sets
Wholesale price
Ayal Group Tekstil San ve Tic, AS, TR +2 ads
3D printed bed sets. More than 300 models. High quality. 100% cotton.
450/t EXW  
Wholesale price
Вестнорд, LLC, UA
The company manufacturer sells vegetable fatty acids. The plant is located in Ukraine. Volume up to 600 tons
Price on request
Сергеев А. В., SP, BY +1 ad
Lassen Sie uns ein Brettmöbel aus einer Eiche, einer Lärche, einer Esche nach Ihren Vorgaben herstellen. Schild tselnolamelny, gespleißt. Die...
Leinsamen - braun
300/t FCA
Орион, LLC, RU
Die Firma ORION exportiert aus Omsk, Russland die Agrarprodukte - Leinsamen (braun). Im Jahre 2018 wurden 1000 t. braunen Leinsamens geertntet (im...
Wholesale price
from €470/t EXW
Русагрокомплект, LLC, RU +1 ad
Black mustard 500t in bigbagi. weed 1.6, VL.6.5, grain. 4 to 35.4 with VAT from place (Rostov) in the port of Novorossiysk + (1-1.4 rub)
126/t FCA
Зверева Е.В., SP, UA
Fuel briquettes from natural oak sawdust (100% oak). According to the calorific value, 1 ton of oak briquettes will replace 5 cubic meters of...
$300/cu m CPT  
Wholesale price
€200-299/cu m
Jukon konstruction, SIA, LV +9 ads
Buyer From South Korea (Republic Of Korea) The buyer would like to receive quotations for - Product Name : Pine Pallet Board Specifications : -...
Corn Flour from Bulgaria
Wholesale price
€360/t FOB
Milkov 63, SMLLC, BG
Corn flour - 100% natural bulgarian product, packing : 40 kg. polypropylene bags
Price on request
Сарссо, LLC, RU +3 ads
Good day. We sell 12 months a year: Mustard white, yellow, black Purity 97% -99.9% Moisture up to 9% Oilseeds up to 5% Flax brown, golden Purity...
We buy Copper slag min Cu20%
Price on request
ERS management, LTD, GB
We buy Copper slag. Copper content min 20% Conditions DDU Germany
Wholesale price
from €250/cu m FCA
Тимбер Текнолоджи, LLC, UA +3 ads
Our company is a great and direct producer of edged/unedged beech sawn timber in West Ukraine. We can supply you environmentally friendly...
40/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
€38-39/cu m
Тимбер Текнолоджи, LLC, UA +3 ads
We produce beech firewood raw / dry. Any size and volume. We are direct producers from the West of Ukraine.
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